Wednesday, April 28, 2010


On our way home, and Baby R is sleeping again, yippee!

We made it almost all the way to the office before he woke up on the bus. He made like to fuss, but I gave him a pacifier, and he took it. Plus, since we were early, I had time to feed him and change his diaper before my coworkers got back from lunch. Good thing, too, because he had an explosive poo while I was feedn him, and it went all the way up his back, almost into his hair! I had to "wash" him with wipes, and thank Jeebus I had my emergency change of clothes for him, which I always carry in my diaper bag. First time I've needed it!

So we did the rounds of the office, and Baby R was a big hit. Another baby was with us; his mom is a freelancer and used to work in-house. Her baby was born 4 days after Rosh, but he looks gigantic in comparison!

Baby R was taken aback when the crowd Round him got up to about 7 cooing ladies, but all in all, he was golden. Then he got hungry and tired, so I nursed him in my (empty!) office, and then we got going. He was crying as I said my goodbyes, but he stopped when we got outside. Then he fell asleep on the bus, woohoo!

I was so tense the whole visit, though. Waiting for him to get hungry is like carrying an unstable stick of dynamite. I don't know why I can't just get over it. The freelancer's baby was bf'd too, but she didn't seem worried about when he might want to eat. In fact, she had gone to lunch with the coworkers. I've taken Rosh to lunch with my mom once, and I ended up bfing him awkwardly at the table and then we had to pass him back and forth so we could take turns eating, because he didn't want to be put down. Plus, her baby SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT. sigh Oh, and did I mention she flew here from New Brunswick BY HERSELF with the baby? Yeah, I feel like a lame-o.

Oh well. Everyone said I looked great and remarked on how slim I am, so there! (Let's pretend the weight loss was intentional and I can stop it whenever I want, mkay?)

Everyone asks if the baby is "good." what does that mean, exactly? Yeah, he's good. He's never killed anyone, as far as I know. He's A BABY. He does what babies do. All my anxieties and complaints and stuff, that's my problem, not his. I'm not about to tell them about that and make them think he's not "good."

Just a few more subway stops. We're going to make it! Hooray for small victories!