Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Away from Home

I'm on my way to take Baby R to visit my work. It's 45 minutes away by subway and bus. You have no idea how stressed I am right now. He's asleep, but for how long? There is no "safe" place to bf if he wakes up and demands boob. I would have to whip it out right here on the subway, or get off and feed him in the station. I'd have to do the latter if we're near our station already; get off there, find a bench and feed him. The thought of feeding him in a subway station terrifies me for some reason.

Anyway, he's still alseep, so far so good. Were more than halfway to our station, so the. It's just a 10-minute bus ride after that. I just need to get to the office and then I can find a more private spot to feed him before we visit everyone.

I had everything planned out perfectly for this trip. I was practically ready to go by 10:00, 2 hours early. I had set aside half an hour at 11:30 to tank Baby R up right before left, but he chose that time to get super screamy whenever I presented him with boob. I had the feeling he was close to falling alseep from wearing himself out, so I left the house a bit early. Sure enough, as soon as the stroller started to move, he passed out. But this means he'll be super hungry when he wakes up, and not inclined to be patient. Hence, my anxiety.

I just glanced at him and he was stirring, but he seems to still be sleeping. Please! We're only one stop away now! We just need to get through the bus ride. Eek!