Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

Today is my first Mother's Day as a mother. I'm a little bummed that it doesn't look like anyone is planning anything special for me. CV was sick most of the week with a tooth infection, and it was all he could do to go to work every day. My mom was at a conference most of the week, too. I feel like I do most of the planning every year to do something for my mom, but since this is my first Mother's Day, it would have been nice if someone else did something for me.

Anyway, it's a special day for me because there were times during the 2 years before we got pregnant when I doubted I would ever be a mother. And if it weren't for the miracle of modern technology, I probably still wouldn't be. But now I have this beautiful baby in my life, and he's part me, part CV. That is so awesome to me.

So I don't care that much if no one does anything for me today. I have my Mother's Day gift already: I am a mother.